This Creepy Clock Tells Time with Crossed Eyes and Tongue Clicks

You'll never have to ask the time again because it will be scarred into your retinas.
August 31, 2016, 12:30pm
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Here's a riddle: "What has hands but no arms, and a face but no eyes?" Here's another: "What the hell is going on with this handless, armless clock that has eyes, but they're creepy as hell?"

Patience is the name of a new set of wall clocks from Japanese design company We+. It's a neverending clip of a human face with eyes that function as the clock's "hands," each pointing to an area of the clock that represents a number. Instead of a ticking second-hand, Patience employs the popping sound of smacking lips that will drive all my fellow misophoniacs up the wall and through the roof. For the rest of you, it's a fresh take on the clock face / human face pun that was old when your grandpa was born.

Photo © Masayuki Hayashii

Photo © Masayuki Hayashii

Photo © Masayuki Hayashii

Photo © Masayuki Hayashii

The series, featured at Salone de Mobile 2016, comes in three faces: an elderly woman, a young woman, and a young man with a red beard. We+ doesn't list a price on their site, but you can contact them directly here. Their other products include a clock made from sand3D-scanned vases carved into acryllic cubes, and a smoky abstract light sculpture.

See more of We+'s projects on their website.


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