90 Miles of Rainbow Thread Make String Art in the San Antonio Airport

Gabriel Dawe's colorful spiderweb thrills travelers in the airport's ticketing area.
October 12, 2016, 4:20pm
Image courtesy Blue Star Contemporary. Photo by Drors Baldinger

It's 77 miles from the San Antonio airport to Austin, which means that if you stretched all the string used in artist Gabriel Dawe's new multicolored installation end to end, you'd be able to connect the two locations with 10 miles to spare. Dawe, known for arranging ROY G BIVs of twine into extremely photogenic artworks, recently completed a suspended archway called Plexus c18 in the San Antonio Airport's Terminal A ticketing area.

Dawe's work (previously) may seem familiar because his Plexus A1 became a symbol of Instagram-friendly art earlier this year, along with the Philippines' selfie museum the year before. Plexus c18 continues his goal of lightening the atmosphere of the room, an effect that might be even more valuable in a busy airport terminal than an art gallery. “What’s wonderful about this project is the fact that it will be seen by thousands of travelers," the Dallas-based artist says. "My hope is that Plexus c18 will bring them some joy in their journey."

Courtesy of the City of San Antonio

The installation is a collaboration between Blue Star Contemporary and the City of San Antonio's SATellite Airport Art Program, which has hosted work from Rolando Briseño, Alejandro Diaz, Bill FitzGibbons, Ann Gardner, Christopher Janney, Chuck Ramirez, Gary Sweeney and The Art Guys. Plexus c18 will be on display for three years, beginning in October of 2016, so you have a bit of time to plan your ideal Texas art trip.




Photo courtesy the City of San Antonio



See more of Gabriel Dawe's work on his website and Instagram.


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