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Collision-Proof Your Drone with This Bounceable Orb

Thanks to Flyability's Gimball, you might never have to worry about getting your finger chopped off again.
February 10, 2015, 5:00pm
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With its soft geodesic cage, this durable drone was designed to use obstacles to find its way. Particularly useful for navigating the difficult and unpredictable terrain of disaster areas by rolling along the ground or ceiling or bouncing off of blockades, Swiss drone maker Flyability's design, known as Gimball, recently won a million dollars in the UAE's Drones for Good competition. Because of its carbon fiber shell, Gimball "can safely fly indoors and in complex environments, is easy to fly, and can be operated close to humans," according to Flyability's website. Engadget reports that the Flyability team will now work towards adding features such as infrared imaging for dark or smoky environments to aid first-responders on the ground.


Below, see Gimball in action:

Click here to visit Flyability's website.


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