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A Pot-Themed Art Show Heads to California: Last Week in Art

Oh, and Jeb Bush is having an event at Art Basel Miami.
November 2, 2015, 2:35pm
Image via Flickr user Rusty Blazenhoff

A lot went down this week in the weird and wild world of Art. Some things were more scandalous than others, some were just plain wacky—but all of them are worth knowing about. Without further ado:  

+ A 350-pound inflatable pumpkin went on a rampage on Thursday after breaking loose from Arizona’s Peoria Center for the Performing Arts. [artnet]

+ Rocky Horror returns! Fox is adapting the seasonal cult classic for TV starring Orange Is the New Black’s Laverne Cox. [Blouin Artinfo]


+ Double, double toil and trouble: the most well known individuals who have used blood to make art. [Dazed Digital]


+ George Lucas’ “Museum of Narrative Art” has finally been approved by the Chicago City Council. [GOOD Magazine]

+ Turns out, the number “1984” has been copyrighted by the Orwell estate. [Dazed Digital]


+ Above, this is a Trumpkin. [CNN]

+ Here are the artists of Altered State: Marijuana in California, a weed-focused art show opening next year at the Oakland Museum. [artnet]

+ Cleaners accidentally threw away the intentional rubble of Goldschmied & Chiari’s Where are we going to dance this evening? at the Museion Bozen-Bolzano. Whoops. [Opposing Views]


+ Zola, a verbose Twitter user, Hooters waitress, and exotic dancer, has become an internet sensation for her serial story about the secret life of strippers: “this story is long but it’s full of suspense.” [Complex]

+ The new Andy Warhol exhibition, Andy Warhol: Stars of the Silver Screen, opened last Friday. [The Toronto Star]

+ Jeb Bush is going to have an event during Art Basel Miami called Pop Art, Politics & Jeb[ART News]

+ Central Saint Martins student Brooke Purvis has hatched a unique approach to deal with his debt: he plans to burn all of his student loans for his project Everything Burns[VICE]


+ Starbursts, Reese’s, and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate all (apparently) pair perfectly with a light red (Think: St. Laurent, Pinot Noir, or a Gamay): introducing “The Candy & Wine Match Maker.” [Mental Floss]


+ This is the market value of Pepe the Frog. [BuzzFeed]

+ The British Museum is launching a program to work with Iraqi conservationists, curators, and archeologists to protect the country’s cultural heritage. [The Guardian]

+ Is Obama a fan of abstract art? [The New York Times]

+ This Ukrainian artist has made an Odessa statue of Lenin into “the world’s first monument” to Darth Vader. [ABC News]


+ The man arrested on suspicion of the March gun attack at the Bardo Museum in Tunisia will not be extradited from Italy, a court rules. [The Wall Street Journal]

+ ArtLifting, an online venue for the homeless and disabled to sell their art, just raised $1.1 million thanks to the TOMS Shoes founder and a handful of other investors and entrepreneurs. [Tech Crunch]

+ What does online bidding mean for the future of art auctions? [CNBC]

+ Goldmiths, the celebrated London art school, is establishing six new scholarships for refugees and asylum seekers. [Artlyst]

+ There is a possibility the erratic Richard Prince owns the last letter of Sylvia Plath. [ART News]


+ Last Sunday, South Park issued an open call for yaoi fan art to be featured in last week’s episode. Above, one of the lucky submissions. [artnet]

+ French filmmakers and artists are bandying together to improve the conditions of refugee camps in Calais; those involved include Jean-Luc Godard, Judith Butler, and Jeanne Moreau. [Art Forum]


+ Looks like the founders of the Museum of the Bible in D.C. may have illegally imported ancient artifacts from Iraq. [The Art Newspaper]

+ Sting is selling his art through Christie’s. [Observer]

+ The Guerrilla Girls launch a new line of merchandise through MoMA. [Fortune]


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