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Best Of The Rest: Fish Bombing Lakes, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Pugs, And Really Trashy Photos

The week in creativity, guys.
July 11, 2014, 10:00pm

This week, The Creators Project looked into the Voyager Golden Record project, which plans to send a crowdsourced, digital message with the first spacecraft to reach Pluto; made a documentary on the future of haptic wearables, and spotlighted the surreal photography of Erik Johansson. For all the creativity we missed, here's the best of the rest…

This week we…

…Took a nap in a week's worth of our trash. [Beautiful Decay]

…Watched as Smart Crew tagged the sky. [ANIMAL]

…Realized that kids today don't get Gameboy. [AV Club]

…Took a ride with a drone as it explored New York Public Library's sorting center. [Laughing Squid]

…Called checkmate with some 3D-printed recreations of Duchamp's chess pieces. [Core77]

…Hung out with some jellyfish in an abandoned building. [This Is Colossal]

…Threw rocks at these gorgeous stone sculptures. [Architizer]

…Watched as drones assembled like a Transformer. [Sploid]

…Bombed a lake with some fish. [Sploid]

…Embraced the dawn of the planet of the pugs (?).  [Laughing Squid]

…Discussed Mariah Carey and "Call Me Maybe" with Owen Pallett. [Pitchfork]

…Saw a million reel cliches with Sh*t Showreels Say. [Vimeo]