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Splatter Painting with BMX Is Our New Favorite Thing

It's an extreme sports-Jackson Pollock revival with Greg Hackett and the the help of a few Sony Action Cams.
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A unique form of painting emerges in PAINT, the new short film from director Greg Hackett in conjunction with Sony and creative agency, Stinkdigital. In the film, biker Keelan Phillips performs flat land freestyle BMX tricks to paint spread over a floor canvas, creating what feels like a combination between breakdancing, juggling, wrestling with a bicycle, and action painting. Phillips wipes his handlebars and contorts his bike frame, dripping paint onto the floor as three bike-mounted Sony Action Cams capture how each movement of the metal frame controls and plays with with the distribution of the blue, purple, orange, and green paints. The end result? Something of a new creative direction that marries extreme sports with Jackson Pollock.


Peep the behind-the-scenes video below:


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