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Watch a Man Snowboard on Clouds

Soaring 6,000 feet above the ground, daredevil Adrian ‘Wildman’ Cenni simultaneously fulfills every snowboarder's dream—and every Dragonball Z fan's.
May 27, 2015, 2:30pm
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Extreme sports just got extreme-ier. Stuntman Adrian ‘Wildman’ Cenni lives every mountain-topping snowboarder's dream in his new video, Snowboarding in the Clouds as he—strapped into a harness hanging from a helicopter—shreds vapors at 80 mph, 6,000' above the ground. Known for stunts like aerial barrel rolls in trucks, Cenni is no stranger to danger, but the sight of his human frame dwarfed by a massive cloud cover is simultaneously thrilling and cause for a bad case of vertigo. We couldn't help but notice that the Happy Socks-sponsored video, which features Cenni clad in an orange jumpsuit and riding on a cloud, could be a real world remake of something straight out of Dragonball Z.


Watch Snowboarding in the Clouds below, and see a making of video here.



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