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Who Knew Radio Waves Could Look This Good?

A web-based generative tool from Sebastian Sadowski aims to find out.

What do radio waves look like? Or, perhaps, what do you think they look like? Buzzing, concentric circles radiating outwards from a tower? Or maybe wavy lines undulating along the great expanse, hidden from the human visual range? The fact is they’re invisible, so we can’t see them without the aid of some kind of apparatus, and if light-painted visualizations of WiFi networks are any indication, they’re likely a sight to behold.

Step up Sebastian Sadowski and his Radio Wave Visualisation Generator. With his open source web-based design tool, Radiator, Sadowski aims to “visualise the individual imagination of radio waves”, giving generative power to those invisible electromagnetic forms, and creating individual snowflake-like shapes in the process. The aim of the project is to “collect as many different visualizations as possible to give this invisible field a dynamic face.”

So once you’re done pondering exactly what a radio wave might look like, you can use the Radiator tool to experiment with some parameters and create your own gorgeous shapes. If you geek out hard enough you could just imagine these coming out of the palm of some radiation-struck superhero’s hand as he harnesses his power before unleashing hell on his nemesis.

[via The Gallery]