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Eye-Control Comes To Tablet Devices

In this demonstration the Docomo eye-control allows you to navigate a touchscreen using your eye.

Controlling an interface with your hands is all well and good, but it’s not as cool as controlling it with your eyes. We’ve already seen video games being controlled using your eye and, of course, the EyeWriter graffiti tool from James Powderly and Free Art and Technology (FAT), openFrameworks, and the Graffiti Research Lab.

Now comes the Docomo eye-control for tablet devices, which uses an infrared sensor to calibrate your eye with the device. Then, by looking at an icon on the screen, you can interact with it USING YOUR EYE! It looks a bit sketchy in the video above, but it can only improve, and the guy even starts to play a video game on the device.

As the spiel below the video states:

The idea is to allow users to perform actions while using the tablet with only one hand (in the subway, or other such situations). This could also help impaired people one day.

[via Beyond the Beyond]