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You And Five Facebook Friends Are The Subject Of This Bio-Tech Thriller

Using your Facebook profile, this trailer inserts you directly into the action of The Foundation.

One of the best things about having all of your personal and social info in one place is that the right app can pull all that data and tailor things just for you. OK, maybe it’s not as fun when they are targeted ads, but how about short films about you and your friends?

As we’ve seen in the past, you can live an alternate version of your life or plunge yourself into the depths of horror simply by allowing an app access your Facebook account, the most detailed account of your life since you signed up (bet you didn’t think of your profile page that way).

Here’s a brand new way to fictionalize yourself—production company created this interactive preview for biotechnology company Life Technologies. The trailer for The Foundation follows the investigation of your disappearance, along with five of your friends. You were just an innocent team of researchers, and now it seems you have become wrapped up in something far more sinister. What’s going on, exactly, is a bit hard to tell, as is often the case with thriller previews. Is this all just a big conspiracy, or is something supernatural at play?

Give it a try and see what you can unravel. Check out some stills from my trailer below, with guest appearances by The Creators Project fam, my actual fam, and a couple of the lovable goofs from our sister site Motherboard.