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Burberry Hosts A Holographic Fashion Show In Beijing

The British label celebrated the opening of their new flagship store with a storm of visual spectacles.

Early this year, Burberry debuted on Chinese social networks in order to attract more hip internet users to the sense and charm of the British luxury brand. Last week they celebrated the opening of their Beijing flagship store, and to commemorate they held a runway show with live music from Keane that featured a sensational virtual experience enhanced by Musion Eyeliner holographic technology.

At their recent shows in London and Milan (held in February), the weather held an important presence as rain and snow marked both cities’ consecutive fashion weeks. Inspired by those events (and possibly their iconic trenchcoat), the presentation in Beijing, hosted by Burberry’s Creative Director Christopher Bailey, incorporated projections of blasting virtual snowflakes and swirling umbrellas. Dozens of models walked across the catwalk where real-time video and generative computer graphics interacted with the models’ movements and clothes, resulting in a hybrid spectacle where the physical and the virtual could hardly be distinguished.

The show was streamed live on Burberry’s website, in select stores, as well as on their retail theater app which allows customers to purchase the clothing straight off the runway.

While this isn’t the first time holographs have invaded the runway, Burberry’s presentation was a huge step up from Kate Moss’s holographic appearance in the late Alexander McQueen’s F/W 2006 show. See a clip of the Beijing presentation and Keane’s performance above, or take in the entire show below.