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Reinventing The Bonsai Tree Under Water

Botanical artist Makoto Azuma reinvents the traditional art form.
December 20, 2012, 6:00pm

Underwater plant life moves with a captivating serenity that your houseplants just can’t muster. That doesn’t mean that you should start drowning your peperomias in your fish tank. Japanese botanical artist (yes, those exist) Makoto Azuma has devised a way to translate the traditional Japanese bonsai plant (this isn’t it) into a weightless environment. By attaching java moss to deadwood branches, Azuma constructs bonsai plants that thrive underwater, encapsulating them in stark fish tank settings.

The environment is kept pristine with a filtration system, and the water is infused with carbon dioxide to fuel photosynthesis. LEDs provide a source of light. Feel free to ignore those technical details and just zone out to the video.