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Tom DeLonge Loves Space So Much He's Started a Space Research Company

Maybe 'Aliens Exist' after all! Haha!
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

OK so it looks like Tom DeLonge is actually extremely serious about the space thing. So much so that after quitting Blink-182 to devote his life to learning about space – and emailing Hillary Clinton about aliens while he was at it – he's now revealed an actual project that will allow him to bring what's really out there to the masses.

To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science is his new project, involving former government advisors and ex-members of the CIA and US Department of Defence. It sounds as though it'll be the institution through which Tom he seeks to answer some of humanity's most long-held questions (he's talking about aliens, the man loves aliens) to the wider public.

He's presenting the project via what is essentially a Kickstarter pledge video to find investors, which you can watch above. I will never, ever be able to take things seriously because of Step Brothers, and the fact that it opens with the lines "Have you ever had the desire to look outward? To the edge of what is known and unknown?" does not help, but I think largely what he's trying to do is pretty admirable. He proposes "the first transparent partnership of its kind between the fields of aerospace and engineering, science, and cinematic entertainment," and it's essentially an attempt to widen space research, which right now remains in the sole hands of governments, and deliver its findings to the public. In DeLonge's words, this will enable "the growth of consciousness that we all desire." Which, is cool, I guess, but some might argue that an original lineup Blink-182 tour where they play all of Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, and Take off Your Pants and Jacket every night would better service the world. Some people might say that.

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