Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys Return With More Rugged and Ragged Power Pop

What’s not to like about driving melody, gruff vocals and straight forward rock n roll?
Photo: Lucy White

Sydney's best/worst band Bed Wettin' Bad Boys make a welcome/unwelcome return with "Plastic Tears," a ragged piece of power pop glory taken from their upcoming album Rot.

Over two loud but melodic guitars, vocalist and bassist Nic Warnock sings about feelings and emotions, and crying on shoulders. The song's been part of their live set for a while - I remember seeing them playing it live back in 2014—but with driving rock n' roll, with gruff vocals and straight-forward attitude, there's a lot to like about it.


A follow up to the amazing, and criminally underrated, 2013 album, Ready for Boredom, the band's second album Rot is due for release November 10 on three formats in three continents on labels RIP Society, What's Your Rupture? and Agitated.

The Sydney band has developed their sound quite a bit over their career and while it's still essentially 80s and 90s inspired punk rock, we look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

'Rot' is available Nov 10 on RIP Society, What's Your Rupture? and Agitated Records.

Catch Bed Wettin' Bad Boys Oct 8 in Sydney at the Hollywood Hotel with Crane Games.