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Video Surfaces of NJ Police Allowing Dog to Maul Man Shortly Before His Death

New Jersey police allowed a K-9 to attack Phillip White, who was reportedly being disorderly. He was later declared dead at a local hospital.
Captura de pantalla vía NBC10/YouTube

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Cell phone footage showing New Jersey police allowing a K-9 dog to bite an apparently unarmed black man during an arrest has surfaced nearly a week after the man died while in policy custody.

The incident, which occurred last Tuesday, reportedly began with when police responded to reports of a disorderly person in Vineland, New Jersey.


Footage of the arrest shows 32-year-old Phillip White on his back on the ground, with officers watching as the K-9 attacks him. Police then roll the man over onto his stomach.

White was transferred to the hospital shortly after the incident depicted in the video. The man was in "respiratory distress," according to the Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office, and was declared dead at a local medical center, NBC10 Philadelphia reported.

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In the video, one of the officers is also recorded approaching the witness recording the footage and asking for the person's name. "I'm going to need to take your phone," the officer said.

In audio recordings of police radio calls, one officer can be heard saying White is hyperventilating after arriving at the scene, according to ABC affiliate WPVI-TV. Minutes later, the officer exclaims "He's grabbing my gun!" Another minute after that, the cop confirms White is "under apprehension."

The Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office and New Jersey State Police are both investigating the death. An autopsy will be conducted, prosecutors said.

White's family has also hired attorney Conrad Benedetto to conduct an independent investigation. In a statement, Benedetto said "there are great concerns about the circumstances that surround this death."

"Mr. White's demise is the second police-involved force incident in Cumberland County within 91 days," he added. "The public and Mr. White's family deserve answers as to how Phillip was killed and why there is a lack of oversight of local police."

Benedetto is also representing the family of another New Jersey resident, Jerame Reid, who was fatally shot by police in December during a traffic stop.