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Daily Horoscope: February 14, 2016

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February 14, 2016, 8:00am
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The mood this morning is deep, intense, and sexy: At 10:27 AM, the Moon in Taurus (a sign that loves chocolate and sweets) connects with power planet Pluto. The good vibes will continue when the Moon and lucky Jupiter connect at 6:13 PM, and a bigger is better feeling will take over. Watch out for 7:13 PM, when the Moon opposes feisty Mars, a planet that only wants to fight or fuck. If you're not interested in either, spend time alone with the Taurus moon, enjoying your truffles and treats in peace. All times EST.


You're not very materialistic, Aries, but this Valentine's day you're definitely into jewels, treats, and other gifts. The Moon is in the sign of luxury, Taurus, and you're in the mood for opulence!


The Moon is in your sign for Valentine's Day, Taurus! The world is on your emotional wavelength today, which certainly isn't a bad way to spend a day that's all about affection. Tell people they have to do whatever you want because the Moon is in your sign!


Today will be a very lazy Valentine's Day—one best spent unwinding and relaxing. Perhaps get a massage or go to a sauna? Getting lost in art, music, or movies also a great way to work today's energy.


You're in a very social mood today, so make sure to go out, but make it an early night if you're not up for an intensity, confrontation, or impulsivity. If you want drama, you can definitely find some this evening!


The Moon is in Taurus this Valentine's Day, activating the part of your chart that rules fame, fortune, and success. Yes, it's true, Leo: Glory and attention are your gift this Valentine's Day. Enjoy.


The Moon is in fellow Earth sign Taurus today, highlighting the part of your chart that rules learning and exploration. The best way for you to spend this Valentine's Day is doing something totally different from your norm.


Because you're ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, flowers, love poems, chocolates, and gifts are everyday things to you, but these are not enough to impress you on Valentine's Day! Do something magical, transformative, or deeply healing today.


Today the Moon is in your opposite sign, Taurus, where it's activating the part of your chart that rules relationships—making this Valentine's Day very special for examining your partnerships, both romantic and non-romantic.


Getting your to-do list under control is the most romantic thing to you today. If a partner wants to take a trip with you to the hardware store, you'll fall in love, but if that's not romantic enough for them, how about a jogging date? You've been meaning to work out.


With the Moon in fellow Earth sign Taurus—a very romantic and sensual sign—this will surely be one of the more inspiring and fun Valentine's Days you've had in a long time. Lots of flirtatious vibes today, Cap!


This Valentine's Day, the Moon in luxurious and lazy Taurus wants you to stay in. Watch movies, order take-out, and build a fort in your living room. Don't bother with the outside world today.


The Moon in Taurus is activating the part of your chart that rules communication, so this Valentine's Day should bring some interesting conversations and ideas. Opinions will clash this evening, but an opportunity for deep understanding comes as well.

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