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DJ Shiva's Club Toilet Mix Will Make You Wet Yourself With Anticipation

Her selections will have you in the mood to go crazy at the queer-centric Movement Festival afterparty, which takes place next weekend in Detroit.
Photo by Seze Devrez

Since 2015, four of the nation's best queer parties—LA's Spotlight, Pittsburgh's Honcho, Detroit's Macho City, and New York's Wrecked—have teamed up to throw the Movement Festival after-hours extravaganza Club Toilet in a gay club called Menjo's, located on the outskirts of Motor City. Last year THUMP swung by, and we can attest that the only thing hotter than the action going down in the room's dark corners were the nasty house and techno heaters provided by the "bathroom attendants" in the DJ booth.


This year, the party promises to "flush your Detroit weekend down the toilet" all over again, with two rooms full of underground heavy-hitters like Chris Cruse, D'adhemar, Handmade, Eris Drew, and DJ Shiva (aka Noncompliant), among others. Get in the mood courtesy of a slamming mix from the Indianapolis-based Shiva, who's jacking acid and heavy-lidded house selections will make you wet yourself on the spot with excitement. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Get all the details for the function here and check out our email interview, answered collectively by the party's founders, below.

THUMP: How did Club Toilet start? Can you tell us about the name?
Club Toilet: Club Toilet started in a toilet with about 5 friends. A small, crowded place can create big ideas.

What's the craziest thing that's happened at Club Toilet so far?
If the sweat on the walls could talk…..but alas we like people to come and be free so we'd rather not discuss. Discretion is key in Club Toilet.

How does this party fit in the larger context of Detroit's queer scene?
Macho City has been Detroit's queer dance party for years now. It's one of the only parties in Detroit with such a free, queer, be-who-you-want-to-be vibe. It attracts all types. It's usually in sleazy gay after hours spaces and host top notch DJs. Club Toilet is just like a mega sized Macho City. We are happy to say the vibe is the same. Olympus Hall has been a queer space for over 30 years, hosting everything from drag shows to a lesbian bookstore. The energy is rad and the staff are amazing.

What are some legendary parties you've been to in the past that inspired the Club Toilet experience?
I think the idea behind the party is that we saw more and more of our queer friends coming to Movement Festival and we wanted to have a meet up. So we bring together some of the minds from the parties we throw around the country and meld them together for a big ol' gay rave reunion.

What is it about Menjos that makes it the right space for the party?
The staff is great and very into the party. Every year we go back and there's more space for us to use which is awesome. First it was just Olympus Hall, then we had Olympus Hall plus a lounge and an outside last year. This year we're back with two rooms of sound and the outside so it's going to be a throw down for sure. It's also a queer space and a bit out of the way so you really have to want to go to come, which keeps it fresh. Additionally, one of the biggest comments about the party is that the DJ is in the back corner and we draw attention to the stage away from the DJ so no one ends up facing the DJ.

Kind of a broad question, but why do you feel that its so important to foster queer nightlife spaces?
It's broad yes, but I think the answer is simple. Everyone needs and deserves a space where they can be free to be themselves.

Tell us a bit about this mix—how would you summarize the Club Toilet sound?
I wouldn't say there is a defining sound for Club Toilet. I would say that we don't take ourselves too seriously and want to have fun with it. We've had everyone from DJ Minx, The Black Madonna, to Doc Sleep and Gay Marvine. For this year's party we have the In Training Crew back, Eris Drew, DJ Shiva, Shaun J Wright, and more. We want to mix it up while first and foremost supporting queer artists and giving them a spot to nail it for their people.