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Odell Beckham, Jr. Missed OTAs Because He Was Hanging with Johnny Manziel

OTAs are voluntary, but OBJ is OBJ. And the NFL is the NFL.
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It's been an eventful week for Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. Yesterday, he signed with Nike what is believed to be the most lucrative shoe contract for an NFL player. According to Darren Rovell, it's estimated to be worth about $5 million a year. Ian Rapoport adds that it is a five-year deal that could turn into an eight-year deal, if certain clauses are triggered.

One day before that news broke, OBJ was a no-show for Giants organized team activities. Those practices, however, are voluntary and he doesn't have any language in his contract giving him an incentive to show up for something he doesn't have to show up for—like, say, a bonus. Nevertheless, OBJ being OBJ—and the NFL being the NFL—it was a little bit of A Thing.


Beckham was on a football field working out (presumably) this week, though. And he was doing it with none other than Johnny Football himself.

According to TMZ, Beckham and some other unnamed receivers were running routes for Manziel, who was apparently "lookin' like Johnny Football again." TMZ adds that "Word is his arm looked strong, and his feet looked fast." Manziel, you might recall, last played with the Cleveland Browns, a franchise that envies New York Jets QB depth chart. They released him in March 2016.

The chap with the large beard to Beckham's right, by the way, was not one of the other receivers. That is, uh, "Kickasso," Beckham's "custom cleat artist."

[Spends hours fixated on one phrase: "Kickasso, the custom cleat artist."]

According to ESPN, Beckham will be on hand for Thursday's OTA.