This Golf Trick Shot Artist Could Wreck You at Beer Pong

Don't even step, fools.
May 27, 2017, 8:37pm

You're going to be hanging out with your broews (bros + brews? [and gals!]) this Memorial Day weekend, and you're likely going to want to play all the funny drinking games. This is simply the way we have commemorated fallen soldiers since time immemorial: by binge drinking, duh. So why not try to spice up your usual beer pong antics with the extra challenge of using a golf club?

Well, because you'd be nowhere near as effectual as New Zealand's own Tania Tare. She'd wreck you something silly with these nasty-ass trick shots. This is what she was serving up earlier this week:

Sure, it's all edited, and hypothetically could have taken years, but that'd be a silly way of doing things—she probably knocked this out in a cool couple of hours. You probably couldn't make her first shot in a few days if you tried. It's ridiculously impressive. (Particularly the first and last shots.)

And if you think this is her first Solo cup rodeo, you'd be sorely mistaken. She's got a couple of variations on flip cup that aren't exactly efficient, but get the job done.

How'd she get so wizened in the ways of Solo cups? She went to college in Florida, apparently. Duh.