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Portraits of Brooklynites Flocking to Massive La Croix Wall in New Whole Foods

To the delight of Instagrammers in the New York City area, a Whole Foods has opened on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg—and it contains a mysteriously large wall of everyone's favorite seltzer.
Photos by Darragh Dandurand

Several much-ridiculed (but also secretly enjoyed) hipster obsessions have collided in the hallowed halls of the brand new Williamsburg Whole Foods: The recently constructed artisanal grocery store on Bedford Ave. contains an inexplicably massive wall of La Croix seltzer, a beverage with a bizarre cult following, though it seems that only three flavors are stocked.

now that I've seen it with my own eyes I can tell you that the la croix situation at the wburg whole foods is nuts — Aminatou Sow (@aminatou)July 27, 2016


Omg there's a La Croix section at the new Williamsburg — Joey Kuhn (@JoeyKuhn)July 26, 2016

Reporting from the new Bedford Ave Whole Foods, which is both the greatest thing ever and THE END OF WILLIAMSBURG. — Buzz Andersen (@buzz)July 26, 2016

Because people have been feverishly Instagramming and tweeting about the La Croix Wall for days, we decided to send photographer Darragh Dandurand to document the vision herself.