20 things Trump misses about “the old days”

Doctors making house calls, firing squads, imperialism, writing "Merry Christmas," and many other things Trump gets wistful about

Nostalgia has been a cornerstone of Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency.

From his penchant for 1980s power ties to the signature “Make America Great Again” hat, Trump knows he can capture his audience’s imagination by appealing to their memories of times gone by.

In speeches and interviews, he often reminisces about “the old days,” conjuring Rockwellian images such as doctors making house calls, Christmas greetings, and the heyday of American infrastructure.


You might assume Trump fetishizes these things in isolation, preferring to overlook some of the darker events that took place around them. But no! He's not afraid to also explicitly fantasize about events that are largely considered national shames and embarrassments.

Forcibly committing people to mental institutions? Check.

Military executions? Check.

Violence against protesters? Check.

Imperialism through military conquest? Check.

And in case there's any question how he feels about “the old days,” Trump has expressly said he “loves” them and has pledged that “we’re going back” to them.

Watch the video to see 20 things President Trump misses about the old days.

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