Pisces, July 2017


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Pisces, July 2017

You're going to be busy this month, but there will be time for some romance, too!

It's Cancer season, Pisces, which means you have every reason to be in a good mood. The Sun, in Cancer, is illuminating the sector of your chart that rules romance, creativity, and celebration! However, things can't always be perfect. (As the martyr of the zodiac, you know this fact of life well.) July opens on an intense note: The planet of war, Mars, in Cancer, opposes the planet of death (and transformation, if you want to put a positive spin on it), Pluto, in Capricorn.


This Mars/Pluto opposition will be a brutal blow to your social and love life. People will be angry and prone to cutting things off. Watch for manipulators and control freaks, especially when the Sun opposes Pluto on July 10. People who are insecure will be especially anxious, protecting their sensitive egos, and will lash out aggressively.

Is there a helpful way to work with this energy? Of course: Sex and therapy help nearly everything, and in this case, it is especially true.

Sweet planet Venus enters Air sign Gemini on July 4, bringing blessings to your home and family life—at least you'll have a lovely place to hide away while Pluto tears down and rebuilds everything in your social life. Redecorate your space and connect with close friends and family. Try not to romanticize the past too much, little fish; enjoy the walk down memory lane you'll surely take.

Messenger planet Mercury enters Fire sign Leo on July 5, helping you organize and slay your to-do list. This is a fantastic opportunity to open the lines of communication at your day job. As more planets enter Leo later, you'll focus on your responsibilities even more.

The Sun, in Cancer, makes a lovely connection with your planetary ruler, Neptune, which is in your sign, on July 5. The vibe is whimsical and romantic. Watch what happens with a crush! Things may take a passionate turn. And make time for your creative pursuits, because the inspiration will be flowing nonstop.


There will, however, be an over-the-top vibe on July 5 thanks to the Sun clashing with Jupiter in Libra. It's possible you'll have a little too much fun! Act responsibly (not the easiest thing for you to do, Pisces, but I know you can do it), and surely, Jupiter's lucky vibes will flow your way.

The full moon in Capricorn arrives on July 8 (or 9, if you're on the East Coast). Relationships that lingered past the brutal oppositions between Mars, the Sun, and Pluto will be cut off at this point—if you lose a partnership, trust that it's for the best. A relationship that's strong, and based in honesty, will weather the tests that July brings.

A culmination of a creative project is likely, which is exciting and bittersweet since the process of creating is so comfortable for you—it's your happy place. If you're curious to see where things will head, with a crush or in your love life, this full moon, in straightforward Earth sign Capricorn, will illuminate and clarify. The energy will be sensitive (full moons are always super emotional); however, you will be tested. Keep your cool and try not to fall into the Pisces ocean of emotion that you tend to drown in.

Mercury makes an easy connection with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, on July 14, putting you in a productive mood. Need a favor returned, or want some help? Ask for it! Just watch out for the hazy, confusing vibe that rolls around soon after, on July 17, when Venus clashes with your other planetary ruler, Neptune. People will be more than a touch delusional, and getting anything done will be difficult. You will feel like you're walking through a fog—so wrap up anything important prior to this tricky contact between Venus and Neptune!


It's no secret that you're one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac—a crybaby, even. (Although, anyone who knows anything knows that Cancer is a way worse crybaby than you.) And a touch paranoid (but not as aggressive about it as your fellow Water sign Scorpio). These qualities will wake up mid-month, little fish.

When sweet Venus clashes with the planet of fantasy, Neptune, expect to feel insecure, unsure about where you feel safe or call home—or whether sensitive, personal issues from your past will resurface.

Don't stay stuck in your own head—ask a few trusted friends for their perspective (the more, the merrier!) instead of swimming in your own fears. Find healing through art, music, and dance. Connect with your water element by spending time at the ocean, a river, a lake—or simply take a soothing bath.

Remember: feeling something doesn't mean that it's based in cold, hard reality, and it certainly doesn't mean that you will feel that way forever! In fact, the vibe already begins easing up the following day, when Venus makes a harmonious connection with Jupiter on July 18. Then the mood will be optimistic and lighthearted. Connect with others, or simply pamper yourself—go shopping, get a sundae, spend time with a bestie. Enjoy yourself!

Mars enters Leo July 20, followed by the Sun on July 22, officially kicking off Leo season. You're ready to get to work! If you're looking for a new day job, or are wanting to reorganize, kick a bad habit, or make your daily schedule more effective, the new moon in Leo, on July 23, will be an especially beneficial time, Pisces.

Mercury enters grounded Earth sign Virgo on July 25. Virgo is actually the sign opposite from you on the zodiac wheel, and is your opposite in many ways. You're a poet, Pisces; Virgo is an analyst. You're daydreamy; Virgo is down to earth, realistic. Combine your two energies, and we have the perfect blend of imagination and productivity. So connect and communicate with others, Pisces! Also, expect plenty of news and conversations.

Sweet and sexy Venus enters Cancer on July 31, creating a fun, flirtatious atmosphere! Expect good vibes in your love life—sweet and sexy Venus, in fellow Water sign Cancer, will bring loads of luck. Express yourself artistically, and expect to have a fantastic time at the celebrations you attend. August will be intense, but at least Venus, in Cancer, will bring you good vibes—see you next month, Pisces!