Taurus, August 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli 


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Taurus, August 2017

Between two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde, this month is intense.

August is off to an intense start—Jupiter, in Libra, clashes with Pluto, in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, on August 4, creating a competitive atmosphere. "Control" is a word to meditate on. Everyone has an agenda, so keep that in mind, my sweet bull!

A lunar eclipse in Aquarius arrives August 7, and this one will be major for your career and your reputation. Eclipses are emotional, usually bringing a shitload of drama, but they lead us where we're supposed to be. This eclipse is pushing you closer to the spotlight.


One of the most romantic days of the month is August 11 (or 12, if you're on the East Coast). On this day, seductive Venus connects with dreamy Neptune, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere. Fall head over heels in love this weekend—hit up your crush or plan something special with your partner.

Neptune is the planet of fantasy (and escapism)—is there anything better than losing track of time and space when you're in someone's arms? Well, that might sound mushy to you, and if so, don't worry. You can use this magical energy to fuel you creatively!

Mercury retrograde begins August 12 in Virgo, encouraging you to reflect on your creative pursuits and your love life. Virgo is the sign of analysis. You've gathered quite a bit of information—now it's time to review it and see how it's working. Expect to run into past lovers, friends you used to party with, and people you artistically collaborated with. They likely have important messages for you, so listen closely.

Mercury rules commerce and communication, so when it's retrograde, expect these themes to come up. It's not a great time to sign contracts, form commitments, or start projects. Instead, pick up something you had on the back burner. Or focus on an issue that's been brewing for a long time. Expect miscommunication and delays, and give yourself a break—Mercury retrograde is time to slow down, not push ahead.

Mid-month is busy for your planetary ruler, Venus, which is in psychic (yet moody) Water sign Cancer. On August 15, it opposes Pluto, which will bring intense and likely stressful conversations. Pluto can be kinky, so I'm crossing my fingers that this will mean hot dirty talk, not a serious power trip. Watch for manipulators, jealousy, and obsession.


On August 16 (or 17, if you're on the East Coast), Venus squares off with Jupiter, which will create an indulgent atmosphere. Watch for gossip; don't get so carried away that you say something you regret. You may want to tell someone you love them (or that you fucking hate them), but give it a minute, because after the adrenaline rush subsides, you could end up with an emotional hangover.

I don't mean to suggest that your feelings aren't rooted in reality. It's just that the energy will be so over the top! It's better to verbalize your feelings when you're grounded and stable (even though that might be less thrilling).

More drama arrives when Venus clashes with Uranus on August 24—you're seeking thrills, Taurus! You're itching for freedom and to do weird shit with unusual people. You're not usually so impulsive, but taking risks is what you'll be all about. Expect surprising news or conversations, too.

The solar eclipse in Leo arrives August 21, shaking up your home life. There will be big reveals: possibly something from your early childhood, or something more recent, concerning your roommates. Expect tears to flow during this emotionally fraught time; however, remember that the eclipse's job is to flush things from your life that are no longer working. This eclipse will bring you back to the path you're meant to be on.

Virgo season begins August 22, bringing a boost of creative inspiration and romance! Virgo, like you, is a sensual Earth sign. (The only difference, let's be real, is that Virgo isn't as gluttonous as you are!) Fantastic sex is surely on the way—and if you're not in the mood to be intimate, this energy will manifest as a brilliant stroke of creative inspiration. You'll be in the mood to have fun, express yourself, and share good times with friends. Take time off work; you deserve it!

Venus enters Leo on August 25 (or 26 depending on your time zone), and Mercury reenters Leo, while on its retrograde journey, on August 31. Your private life was rocked by the Leo eclipse, but things will start to clear up.

Love-and-money planet Venus brings blessings wherever it goes, so when it enters Leo, you'll find things in your personal life smoothing over. On a mundane note, consider redecorating your home; surround yourself with beauty, Taurus!

Mercury's reentry into Leo will find you picking up conversations you left behind in July. You're becoming clearer on how you feel and what you think. While Mercury retrograde isn't the time to make commitments, this chance to review, and clarify, is just what you need. Leo's energy is regal—treat yourself like the royalty you are, my little bull! See you in September!