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Daily Horoscopes: July 29, 2017

The Moon enters Scorpio today.
Cathryn Virginia
illustrated by Cathryn Virginia

The Moon, in Libra, connects with Saturn at 4:26 AM, creating a stable, grounded atmosphere this morning. The Moon and sweet Venus make a harmonious connection at 4:25 PM—expect a flirtatious atmosphere. The Moon opposes Uranus at 5:30 PM, bringing surprises, before the entering intense Water sign Scorpio at 8:23 PM.

All times EST.


Exciting (and possibly shocking) news comes your way today, Leo. Tonight, the Moon enters sensitive Water sign Scorpio, putting you in an emotional mood. Enjoy your home and family this evening.


Self-worth issues will unexpectedly pop up today, Virgo, but tonight brings some intriguing energy: The Moon enters psychic Water sign Scorpio and activates the sector of your chart that rules communication.


Surprises will arrive in you relationships today, Libra—but you're probably fine with that, because you hate being bored. The Moon enters Scorpio this evening, shifting your focus to money and self-worth.


It's a busy day with some schedule changes in the early evening, and the Moon enters your sign tonight. Make time to nurture yourself! Your psychic abilities will be sharp, and this will be an especially important time to listen to your inner voice.


Excitement arrives in your social life late this afternoon; however, don't plan for a late evening. The Moon will enter sensitive Water sign Scorpio tonight, which means you need to catch up on rest.


Make time to hang out with your friends this evening, Capricorn. The Moon enters Scorpio tonight and activates the friendship and community sector of your chart, so go do something social!


Unexpected messages and brilliant ideas will arrive today, Aquarius. Tonight the Moon enters Scorpio and illuminates the sector of your chart that rules success and recognition—what do you want to be known for?


Unexpected money concerns will pop up for you early this evening, Pisces. Tonight the Moon enters fellow Water sign Scorpio, putting you in the mood to break out of your usual routine.


Surprises in your relationships arrive early this evening, Aries. The Moon enters sexy Water sign Scorpio this evening, bringing your focus to issues concerning intimacy and trust. Powerful emotions will be stirred up!


Expected schedule changes pop up today, Taurus. But your focus shifts to relationships tonight when the Moon enters Water sign Scorpio—the atmosphere will be mysterious and sexy.


A surprise arrives in your social life today, Gemini. The Moon enters sensitive Water sign Scorpio this evening—use this energy to examine how well you've been taking care of your health and your responsibilities.


A surprise that makes you question your sense of security pops up today, but you'll work it out. The Moon enters fellow Water sign Scorpio this evening, putting you in a flirtatious and creatively inspired mood! What's in the stars for you in July? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter.