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Video Premiere: Michael Beach's "I Never Had Enough Time With You"

Watch how cardboard and a pair of scissors help communicate a beautiful song of friendship and loss.

Michael Beach's "I Never Had Enough Time With You" is one of the best songs of 2017 that not nearly enough people have heard. That will change later this year with the release of Beach's album Gravity/Repulsion and today with the release of the song's video.

Animated by Melbourne artist Sophia Mero, the video is able to capture the song's sense of loss with cardboard and illustrations that touch on nature, memories and nostalgia.

'When I first met with Sophia, we discussed the main themes of the song. I am fascinated with the elusiveness of dreams, and their vivid and strange depictions of reality. I also wanted to explore the point of ecstatic mania that teeters on madness," Beach told NOISEY. "She somehow managed to painstakingly encapsulate all that with a pair of scissors and a camera. It's unreal."

The Melbourne-based musician, who is also a member of trio Shovels, is a recent transplant from Oakland having spent the past five recording two solo albums (2013's Golden Theft and the forthcoming Gravity/Repulsion) and playing as a member of Oakland's Colossal Yes and Meercaz.

'Gravity/Repulsion' is available in September on Spectacular Commodity.