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Your Weekly Horoscope: March 5 - 11

People are not holding back this week—if there’s something you want to get off your chest, now is the time to do it.
March 5, 2018, 4:46pm

This week starts with Venus and Mercury entering Aries. Mercury is the planet of communication and Aries is an impulsive fire sign, so be prepared for people to be sharp with their words.


Have you ever tried automatic writing? It could be a beneficial time to dabble in stream-of-consciousness as planet of communication, Mercury, travels through the sector of your chart ruling written language. Your natural sense of curiosity is also now at its peak.


You will have new ideas for sources of income this week, as planet of communication, Mercury, glides into the financial sector of your chart, soon joined by money planet Venus, which will provide support for financial stability.


Give into pleasure this week, Aries, as planet of love and self-indulgence, Venus, enters your sign, making you more attractive and indulgent. You will be more candid and quick-witted now with Mercury, planet of communication, on your side as well. It’s a good time to start new projects and to communicate your needs with others.


You will find mental fortitude through silent reflection this week, Taurus. You're no stranger to thinking before you speak, but make sure to refrain from being shy at this time. Reclusive energy from your ruling planet Venus will encourage you to be a wallflower. Nothing is hidden that will not be revealed.


It’s a good week to make new friends, Gemini, as love planet Venus lights up your social networks. You are always an innovator, but this week your ruling planet Mercury enters Aries, giving you the extra boost to come up with amazing, inventive ideas.


This is a good week to take your boss out to lunch as planet of beauty, Venus, moves through the sector of your chart ruling your career and reputation. This is also a good time to ask for a promotion or more recognition for your ideas.


You're looking at the larger picture and how you fit into it this week, Leo. You have a desire to broaden your horizons through travel or higher learning as planet of personal values, Venus, and planet of ideas, Mercury, move through the sector of your chart concerning philosophy. But just be extra careful not to miss any appointments.


Money is available to you through an outside source as Venus moves through the sector of your chart ruling shared resources (as well debts and death). Mercury, planet of communication, tags along, heightening your intuition. It’s a good time to resolve any debts.


Avoid being selfish in love this week, Libra, as the planet of love—your ruling planet—enters self-sufficient Aries. Are you ready for romantic commitment? Venus's transit through the love and relationship sector of your chart is a good time to reflect on your love life.


As communication planet Mercury travels through the sector of your chart ruling health and routine, you are thinking of inventive ways to simplify your schedule. Venus, planet of harmony, tags along, bringing water cooler conversations at work.


You will find great mental stimulation through friendly competition now that Mercury, planet of ideas, is in another competitive fire sign, Aries. Challenge a friend to a game! With the planet of beauty, Venus, in Aries as well, you are so charming that it's impossible not to have a good time.


This is a busy period for your domestic life, Capricorn, as non-stop planet Mercury travels through the sector of your chart ruling the home. You may be interested in having a home office at this time. Venus, planet of personal values, joins Mercury, putting you in a loyal, nostalgic mood.

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