Watch '6IX RISING,' Our Definitive Look at Toronto's Rap Scene

A comprehensive portrait of the city's current hip-hop world, featuring Pressa, CMDWN, Big Lean, and many more.
November 20, 2017, 5:50pm

It's finally here. Presented by Noisey, 6ix Rising provides a feature-length look at the competitive and growing world of Toronto rap after the rise of Drake and the Weeknd. It's told through the eyes and music of the city's most compelling personalities, and provides a look at how the scene thrives on community, ambition, and determination against the odds.

From Pressa's postponed ascent to Friyie's lucky break, from CMDWN's party-starting antics to Jimmy Prime reflecting on the '6ix' nickname he created, the doc is an unprecedented peek into a Toronto that few know. If you thought the city's story was over, think again. Watch 6ix Rising below.