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Matt Roberts, Former 3 Doors Down Guitarist, Has Died at 38

He was on his way to play a benefit concert for veterans in Wisconsin.
August 21, 2016, 3:46pm

Photo by Carl Cosola via Creative Commons

Matt Roberts, the former guitarist for Mississippi rock band 3 Doors Down, has died. He was 38.

TMZ reports that Roberts was on his way to West Bend, WI to play a charity show for veterans on Saturday. He was travelling with his father, Darrell Roberts, who broke the news onstage at the Rockin’ for Heroes event.

“We go up to our room, we got adjoining rooms and—he was always looking after me as his dad—so my key didn't work and he went and came back in just a few minutes and got me a new key. He opened the door for me and he said 'just make sure you open the adjoining room in case you need anything.' He was always looking out for me,” said Roberts.


The cause of death is still unknown. Roberts said that his son had struggled with anxiety and and a “prescription drug addiction.” He left 3 Doors Down in 2012 owing to health problems thought to include blood circulation issues.

3 Doors Down formed in Escatawpa, MI in 1996 with Roberts joining bassist Todd Harrell and vocalist and drummer Brad Arnold. The band released five studio albums during Roberts’s tenure: The Better Life, Away from the Sun, Seventeen Days, 3 Doors Down, and Time of My Life. Their most recent record, Us and the Night, was released in March this year.

The band rose to prominence after The Better Life produced hits like “Kryptonite,” “Duck and Run,” “Loser,” and “Be Like That,” a track later rerecorded for the American Pie soundtrack. Away from the Sun’s “Here Without You,” a rock ballad released as a single in 2003, struck a chord during the peak of the Iraq War, too. Allmusic note that, “for many, coupled with ongoing deployments and daily bad news from the front, ["Here Without You"] ached with a new resonance.”

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