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Ask the Star of 'All This Mayhem' Anything You Like

Conveniently, you can now buy the film on iTunes to help you come up with some questions.

The best skateboard film of the year – All This Mayhem, our documentary about the rise and fall of Australian brothers Tas and Ben Pappas – is now available for download on whatever On Demand platform you've pledged allegiance to (iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play and XBox Video, among others).

This is a big deal, because owning the film means you can watch it basically wherever you'd like, and gives you the option to do stuff like skip back 10 seconds to catch Tas land a 900 or watch the brothers take the piss out of Tony Hawk for being kind of weird and overly competitive. To celebrate we thought we'd do two things. First: share this exclusive making of video with you, and second: let you ask Tas Pappas anything you like in a reddit AMA.

That cyber Q&A session is scheduled for 9PM tonight, and we'll include a link here when it's live. But until then, buy the film and get your questions ready.

Visit the official website for more information.