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Militant Misogynist Roosh V Makes It to Canada, Gets Beer Thrown in His Face

But don't worry, he still thinks he's the "winner."

Roosh V doesn't like beer showers. Screenshot via Youtube user The ConU

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In a video posted Saturday evening, infamous blogger and "pickup artist," Roosh V, is shown getting beer thrown at him and fighting with angry women and men on a Montreal street, where he was to hold a conference about the "problems that Western men face."

Roosh V, short for Daryush Valizadeh, has made his way into Canada despite an online petition signed by over 40,000 people trying to keep him out. "We must ensure that Roosh V and his following are not allowed to flourish in the dark corners of our society, for the same reasons that we do not allow white supremacy a legitimate place in Canada," reads the petition.


In the video, a crowd surrounds Valizadeh in a confrontation when two women throw what appears to be beer on him.

"You piece of shit, how dare you fucking come to Canada?" says one of the women in the video. "This is fucking Roosh V! This is the guy who says that rape should be legal!" she screams through the streets.

Roosh V gets beer thrown at him in Montreal. Video via Youtube user The ConU

Valizadeh has been vocal about wanting to make rape legal on private property.

"Get the fuck out of here you piece of shit! You're not welcome in this city!" says a man at the scene.

Earlier that day, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre denounced Valizadeh over Twitter saying that he is "not welcome in Montreal," and calling on the federal government to make clear whether his presence is accepted in Canada.

Valizadeh responded to the incident on Twitter saying, "They shower my wig with beer, I shower their entire country with truth." There is also a new post on his site saying that he is filing a police report for aggravated assault against the woman he says assaulted him. He also calls her out on deleting her social media accounts after he doxed her, and claims that she spent the night hunting for Valizadeh with a group of men to intimidate him.

Two years ago, a woman was charged with assault after she threw a drink at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Charges were later dropped during the trial.

They shower my wig with beer, I shower their entire country with truth.

— Roosh (@rooshv)August 9, 2015


After publishing dozens of stories on me, the CBC/CTV/Bell Media are suddenly silent about my monstrous victory yesterday. Why is that?

— Roosh (@rooshv)August 9, 2015

Valizadeh is known for his controversial site Return of Kings, where he and his writers advocate for things like the legalization of rape and dehumanizing women in general. Some headlines on the page currently include "American Women Are Only Good For One Thing" and "6 Ways Modern Women Are Just Like Orcs."

Despite all the controversy, Valizadeh still feels he "won" the Canadian battle against "Social Justice Warriors" such as feminist activist Aurelie Nix. In a recent post on his site, an article titled "How Roosh V Won The Battle Of Montreal," describes his victory through the fact that he made it to Canada and still gave his speech.

But yesterday, Concordia University's community blog The ConU shared a story alleging that Valizadeh didn't actually get to give his speech and that he faked the celebration. "Instead, Roosh V gathered with about a dozen MRAs in the room where he was staying and began a disinformation campaign. Using Twitter and his personal forum, fake accounts published decoy posts claiming the event was taking place," reads the post.

Valizadeh shared this "Historic victory in Montreal" video filmed right after he says he finished his speech.

"They had over 100 people today combing the entire city like idiots trying to find where the hotel was," he said in the video. "But yet, as you can hear in the background, the speech was successful. We did it, and now we are enjoying our victory lap."


Glass of wine in hand, he calls out everyone who tried to stop him and stop his speech from happening, including the CBC and Bell Media.

"If you are for me, I want to tell you that today, your team won. You are on the right side. You are on the team that will continue to win. And if you are against me, better luck next time," and the crowd of men in the background begin to laugh.

"We are better than you, we are smarter than you, and I can't speak for the guys here, but I am better looking than you."

Next up on Valizadeh's tour, and his last stop, is Toronto on August 15.

City Councillor/Twitter demigod Norm Kelly tweeted out today that Toronto does not welcome Valizadeh's views.

Urging all venue locations in Toronto to deny — Norm Kelly (@norm)August 10, 2015

Toronto Mayor John Tory has yet to take a public stance on Valizadeh's upcoming event.

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