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Everyone Is Going Nuts Over This New 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer

TIE fighters! Han Solo! Lasers! Etc.!

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Tickets for The Force Awakens went on sale yesterday, and roughly a third of the world's population collectively dropped what they were doing and flooded theater sites to get a ticket. To get fans of the most famous sci-fi action franchise in history even more pumped up, Disney premiered the longest (and probably final) The Force Awakens trailer during halftime of Monday's NFL game.

The trailer is low on plot but high on everything else—TIE fighters, X-wings, stormtroopers, BB-8 the spherical drone, Han Solo (Han Solo!), Chewie, and a lot of laser fire. Everyone on the internet is extremely excited about this, though everyone on the internet would be excited if the trailer was just two minutes of those big lizard things walking around Tatooine's desert landscape.

There's no sign of Luke, though, unless you count that shrouded, metal-handed guy stroking R2-D2. Since he's also not on the official movie poster then that extremely in-depth plot synopsis a fan pieced together may be onto something. We'll have to wait until December to know for sure (or later, if you haven't bought your tickets already).

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters stateside on December 18, but you probably know that already.