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Dead To Me De-romanticize Addiction on Their New EP, ‘I Wanna Die in Los Angeles’

Listen to three new songs from the San Francisco staple.

Although every second of Dead To Me's new EP is thoroughly catchy and enjoyable, there is a darkness behind it all, which should be apparent from its title: I Wanna Die in Los Angeles. The release's three songs deal largely with bassist/vocalist Tyson "Chicken" Annicharico's ongoing struggles with addiction and sobriety. But the songs don't romanticize junkies and drunks, the way so many artists have done, but instead examine the demoralization, bravery, and downright humiliation that come with battling addiction.


"My using led to multiple rehab facilities, sober living houses, and a stay at a psych ward after a psychotic break," Annicharico says. "Now that I have a couple years clean, it's been interesting to look back at my using as a symptom of bigger underlying problems of depression and anxiety."

Annicharico says this EP marks a new beginning for Dead To Me, which is joined once again by founding guitarist Jack Dalrymple (who put out an amazing LP not long ago with ToyGuitar​). Check out the new, rejuvenated Dead To Me on I Wanna Die in Los Angeles below.

I Wanna Die in Los Angeles is out on October 21 via Fat Wreck Chords (pre-order the seven-inch right here​) and Dead To Me has a few tour dates coming up.

​11/12/16 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Hi Hat

12/8/16 - Chicago, IL @ TBA

12/9/16 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club

12/10/16 - Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club​