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VICE Kills Texas 2012 - VIP Ticket Giveaway

Our annual VICE Kills Texas party is tonight in Austin. We've got some VIP tickets for you.
March 17, 2012, 5:05pm

 A note from the publisher about our annual late night party door jam and the mysteries of VIP. Our last-night-of-SXSW-rager is tonight. For those who don't know, this is the party where the following things have happened: - an Elk's Lodge roof/balcony collapsing during Les Savy Fav's set

- Damian from Fucked Up getting blinded by broken glass and having to cut the set short

- Elijah Wood showing up solo an hour before doors and helping us set up

- the singer of Annihilation Time dropping trow and spraying projectile diarrhea at the crowd
This year A$AP Rocky, Trash Talk, and Fidlar are playing. It's free to get in and there will be free booze. Due to weird Texas liquor laws, however, the only way to have free alcohol is in a non-licensed venue with everyone at the event being 21+ and on the guest list. This often leads to us getting more RSVPs than the capacity of whatever dingy warehouse we've rented, which leads to a mess at the door and shitty comments on the internet. If you have or are planning on RSVPing you should come early. Doors are at midnight. At this point we've got about 3000 RSVPs, and the venue holds something like 1500. It's first come first serve as far as the line goes, and when the fire department says we're at capacity, no one else can get in. And yes, we have "VIPs"—people who don't have to wait in line and can get right in. If you aren't one of them but want to be, listen up: We've given 25 VIP slots to our friends at BO.LT who, along with KR3W, Scion, and 42 Below, are sponsoring the event (thanks!). To snag one of these slots, click here and get an early access pass to BO.LT care of VICE. Then sign up, upload some content (tag your photos #vicekills), and the BO.LT guys will pick winners until the tickets are all gone. To BO.LT from your phone, email a photo, audio file, video, or link, to If you haven't heard of BO.LT, here's the long and short of it: BO.LT is like an external hard drive for your frazzled mind. At SXSW you always see amazing shit and then forget it. BO.LT. archives all of those blackouts and allows you to share those foggy memories. So things like the following can be put on your page:
- a grainy video of what looks like a band on stage
- a big, beautiful image of a plate of Franklin BBQ
- a link to last minute hotel deals in Austin
- a Soundcloud track of your buddies' band in case you meet someone from Matador It's a gallery that's so useful you'll never have to go digging through those dark, deep, depraved depths of the web (or your brain, or your phone) to find it again.

So click on over there and get your VIP pass.

VICE Kills Texas 2012
1100 East 5th Street
11:59 PM
Austin, TX