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'Elevations' by Hamburger Eyes, Tonight at Muddguts

Come show some love for San Francisco-based Hamburger Eyes at Muddguts gallery tonight.

Photo by Troy Holden

Tonight is the opening reception of Elevations, an exhibition of black and white special edition prints from the Hamburger Eyes archive at Muddguts gallery in Brooklyn. Hamburger Eyes is one of our favorite publications because it's always full of raw, gritty, and often brilliant work by photographers of all ages, many of whom we have featured in our magazine and on this very website. Muddguts is run by Lele Saveri, who has shot a ton of stories for us in the past, and who actually used to be the photo editor of VICE Italy before he packed up his camera and mustache and moved to New York. This show features work by a gang of exceptional photographers from all around the world who have been contributing to Hamburger Eyes since it began in 2001.


Although it was birthed as a zine, over the past 13 years Hamburger Eyes has evolved into a fully independent publishing company. They also provide contributors with access to a professional darkroom in order to print their work and develop film. Tonight's exhibition will include work by Nick Sethi, who recently shot a selfie fashion story for us on his cell phone, and whose new exhibition at Ed. Varie in Manhattan opened to rave reviews. There will also be photos by Sean Maung, popularly known as Old Skool Sean, a mysterious and prolific Brooklyn dynamo who photographs subcultures and hard-to-access happenings. Michael Jang, whose vintage portraits of hopeful weathermen and women we featured last year, will also have work on display.

Here is a preview of some images from the show:

Photo by Sean Maung

Hamburger Eyespresents Elevations

at Muddguts

41 Montrose Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11206

04/04/14 – 4/20/14

Opening Reception Friday, April 4 at 7 PM