John Hugar

NBA playoffs

LeBron James is About to Officially Become the GOAT

If he makes it to what would be his eighth (!!) straight finals, which seems very likely, it's a closed case.
John Hugar

With Steph Curry Out, Quinn Cook is Proving all the Doubters Wrong

With the Golden State Warriors reeling from injuries, Cook has stepped up his game. He can help the Warriors, and himself, with a solid finish to the season.
John Hugar

The NFL's Impossible Mission: Making Us Feel Less Guilty About Watching

What we really want is for it to be palatable to watch 300-pound men give each other brain damage each week.
John Hugar

Let's Pour One Out for the Z-Bo Era in Memphis

Zach Randolph is headed for Sacramento on a two-year deal, but he'll always be a part of Memphis.
John Hugar
dion waiters

5 Landing Spots for Dion Waiters in Free Agency

Waiters missed out on a big payday last offseason, but he's primed to get paid after his best year as a pro.
John Hugar
kevin love

Figuring Out the Best Fit for Kevin Love

A lot depends on whether a team will get Minnesota stat-machine Love or complementary-veteran Love.
John Hugar
Golden State Warriors

The Warriors' Shot at History, and Redemption: 16-0

LeBron is still LeBron, but after Game 1 it's hard not to wonder if the Warriors can sweep the postseason.
John Hugar

Mike Trout's Crazy Season Isn't Crazy at All

The numbers point to this season being Peak Mike Trout, not Fluke Mike Trout.
John Hugar

Kawhi Leonard's Injury Proves He's the Most Valuable Player

The sudden and total collapse of the Spurs after Leonard went down was jarring, and instructive.
John Hugar

It's Not (Entirely) Dwight Howard's Fault That No One Wants to Trade For Him

Dwight Howard was once a unicorn, but now he's just a regular, aging, big man.
John Hugar
wayne selden

Have the Grizzlies Found a Hidden Gem in Wayne Selden?

Wayne Selden went undrafted last year, and now he's holding his own against the San Antonio Spurs.
John Hugar
Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are Built to Survive the Loss of Rudy Gobert

Losing Gobert is nothing to dismiss, but the Jazz have the talent and depth to make do without him for now.
John Hugar