Karl Sharro

Karl Sharro

  • We Interviewed God

    We talked to Him about His beginnings, the situation in the Middle East, and what He thought about the movie Noah.

  • The Arab Spring Was Just a Translation Mistake, Satire

    There is no evidence at all to support the theory that people in the Middle East revolted against their rulers.

  • How Jihadis Decide Who Becomes the Suicide Bomber

    Choosing who gets to be a suicide bomber is a particularly thorny issue that has been completely unexplored. Until now. In an unprecedented coup, we gained access to a meeting that illustrated the complicated procedure involved.

  • The Jihadi Alternative to the Geneva Peace Talks

    While the eyes of the world were fixed on the peace talks between the Syrian government and opposition in Geneva, an entirely different round of negotiations were being conducted by al Qaeda in order to bring an end to hostilities between its different...

  • Top Jihadist Ayman al-Zawahiri Opens Up About His Anxieties

    Ayman al-Zawahiri doesn’t look like the number-one villain in the world, but since Osama bin Laden’s retirement as head of al Qaeda and then assassination, al-Zawahiri became the organization’s leader and public face. We spoke with him about the...

  • How the Shutdown Confused al Qaeda

    An intercepted conversation between two al Qaeda operatives confirmed what some have suspected for a long time: American politics is a joke. Even an organization known for suicide operations is baffled by the self-destructive tendencies of the US...