Ryan P McCarthy

  • I Ate a Hamburger at Iraq's First Hardee's

    It was surprisingly good.

  • The Prohibition Party Wants to Make Drinking Illegal but Let You Smoke Weed

    The tide of public opinion on marijuana has turned to such an extent that the US Prohibition Party, which advocates for the banning of commercial liquor sales, is publicly stating that it isn't fully on the side of criminalizing weed possession.

  • Visiting Iran's Party Island

    Kish Island was the Shah of Iran's attempt to create a resort destination for tourists and wealthy foreigners. Today visitors can drink nasty non-alcoholic beverages, look at a shipwreck, and listen to a terrible insult comic. Sounds great, right?

  • The Sperm Selling Business Is Super Competitive

    Pretty much every guy at some point thinks about participating in sperm-for-sale schemes. We're constantly wasting semen by putting it into the nearest available sock. I figured I'd be better off trying to get paid for my trouble, but it's harder than...

  • Oktoberfest in Iraq Was Super Fun

    Erbil, in Iraq's Kurdish north, has got a long way to go before being considered a nightlife spot, but there is one event that looms large over the drinking scene, the annual celebration of Oktoberfest in a small compound located in a dusty residential...

  • I Joined NYC's Most Boring Cult

    Aesthetic Realism is the worship of a poet who killed himself in the 1970s. He claimed to have discovered the "One True Answer" to societal ills. His panacea goes something like this: man has a desire to like the world while fostering an equal and...

  • I Spoke to Some Sex Addicts About Anthony Weiner

    As Anthony Weiner has promised to "seek help," I went to a Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) meeting to see if I would find him there. Unfortunately, he was not in attendance, so I did the next best thing: asked other sex addicts what they thought...

  • I Joined a Bunch of Gay Conversion Groups

    The last few months have not been kind to the gay conversion industry. The loudest mouthpiece for the trade, Exodus International, disbanded after the ex-gay ex-president of the organization, Alan Chambers, issued an apology letter admitting reparative...