bruce gilden

  • Is This Art Photography Any Good?

    In case you're clueless, Bruce is one of our favorite Magnum photographers who won a Guggenheim Fellowship this past year. He's also one of the badassest badasses in the business. This is his new photo critique show.

  • The Face of Camden

    The Magnum photographer has always preferred to take pictures “close,” working not by classic fly-on-the-wall documentarian methodology but by getting so up in the action that there’s little chance anything can be lost in the distance between point A...

  • What Is Bruce Gilden Doing?

    Gideon Jacobs, creative director of Magnum Photos, New York, muses on the motivations of VICE's favorite street photographer, Bruce Gilden.

  • Photographers: Have Your Work Critiqued by Bruce Gilden

    Hey photo people! Would you like one of the world’s most acclaimed photographers to review your pictures? Send us your best work to be considered for VICE’s new photo-critique show, hosted by Bruce Gilden.

  • Deep-Fried America on a Stick

    For 11 days in August, a total of 1,012,552 visitors passed through the turnstiles at State Fair Park in West Allis, a suburb of Milwaukee. They came for deep-fried cookie-dough fondue on a stick, deep-fried peanut butter and jelly on a stick, deep...

  • 'Everybody Street' - An Exclusive Outtake from the New Documentary

    A new documentary, Everybody Street, details the wide spectrum of street photographers, the overarching mores of the genre, and the personal lives of the individual photographers. We snagged this exclusive outtake from the film, featuring Boogie.

  • Bruce Gilden Takes Street Photos Like You've Never Seen Before

    Bruce Gilden is most famous for his New York street photography. These days, that term might conjure up the idea of plonkers with DSLRs taking photos of Supreme-clad youths posing on street corners. But Gilden's signature style of in-your-face street...