comics on vice

  • If It Looks Like a Duck

    Ducks are gossipy jerks in our new Tuesday comic, PLEASE LOOK AT ME, by cartoonist Julian Glander.

  • Device

    I was born with no arms and no legs—just a fin. See how things ended up for me in this comic.

  • Kanye's Wishlist

    Kim finds out about Yeezy's crippling online shopping addiction.

  • Don't Shit in the Subway

    Megg takes a public dump.

  • Fashion Cat's Mansion

    Until Alex Scuhbert can kick his addiction to whippets (the dog breed), his comic will be guest-drawn by other talented artists. This one is by Antone Cossé.

  • Winter Abortion

    Winter can be rough, but at least spring brisket time is just around the corner.

  • Honeycomb Rabbits - Warren of Snares

    It's like 'Watership Down' but all the bunnies forgot they took acid.

  • Sriracha Factory

    Until Alex Schubert gets out of jail for that prank of his that went tragically awry, his comics are being handled by cartoonists who survived his misguided joke. This week, the Blobbys are living in a Srirachi factory.

  • Honeycomb Rabbits

    Today, Steve Weissman has made a comic based on a half-remembered scene from "Watership Down." This time the bunnies are also high.

  • Television Network Meeting

    Megg, Mogg, and Owl have a meeting to pitch a TV show and they prepare by getting very high and then proceed to keep getting high during the meeting.

  • Dingball - 'Everybody Grows Up and Lives Happily Ever After'

    It's the final comic of Patrick Kyle's run of comics on VICE. TB is finally an adult, and he looks like one. Resolution!

  • Gunky Claws

    Are you ready to take a magic trip into the world of Mogg's cat mind? No? Too bad.