• The 20-Year Fight to Build a Skatepark in Venice

    Dogtown and Zephyr may have sparked the skate scene in Venice Beach, but it was the unruly Venice locals, headed by Jesse Martinez, who doused it in gasoline to see how high the flames would go.

  • New Swells in Dogtown

    Changes at the California Coastal Commission might pose the biggest threat to Venice Beach—and its action sports culture—in years.

  • Maybe We Shouldn't Be So Quick to Idolize a Gay-Bashing Skateboarder

    While I appreciate Jay Adams's contribution to skateboarding as much as the next guy, it seems odd that virtually every obituary published over the last four days has glossed over or completely failed to mention that one time in 1982 when he helped...

  • Eric Dressen

    In part three, Eric D. is fully on the new Dogtown team, and all of a sudden, as Jessie Martinez puts it, he turns into a skateboard monster.