Endtime Magazine

  • Are We There Yet? - Apocalyptic Christians Are Boring

    For a magazine that is devoted to the biblical end of the world—rivers of blood, false prophets, world governments, and all—Endtime magazine, published and edited by jowly prophet of doom Irvin Baxter, is remarkably dull, unless you're a big fan...

  • Are We There Yet? - The May/June Issue of 'Endtime Magazine'

    You’d think it would be pretty fun to write for a magazine where you constantly get to talk about the end of the world. It’d be especially thrilling for you every time a new pope gets announced because, obviously, you get to ask, IS THIS POPE THE LAST...

  • Are We There Yet? - The March/April Issue of 'Endtime Magazine'

    The latest issue of 'Endtime Magazine' features a prediction that Jews will sacrifice live animals on the Temple Mount, a four-headed cheetah with wings, a "miraculous" recovery from brain cancer, and the rather alarming news that Iran now has a...