• People Are Blocking Cargo Ships to Protest Israel

    Protesters in Oakland blocked an Israeli ship from unloading its cargo to protest Israel's war on Gaza.

  • Meeting London's Hebrew Israelite Street Preachers

    I bumped into a group of preachers who consider themselves the only authentic descendants of Israelites from the historic Kingdom of Israel. Much of what they told me sounded like fairly vanilla Christian ideals, until we got to the subject of Judgment...

  • The Black Israelites Think Whites Are Possessed by the Devil

    And a Black Jesus will rise up one day and enslave all whites.

  • Did Israel Assassinate Hamas' Chief Peace Negotiator?

    The target of the Israeli missile strike this Wednesday, November 14, was one of Israel’s closest allies within Hamas and he had just completed brokering a truce with Israel three hours before his murder.

  • Israel-lites

    Do you know about the Black Israelites? They are a cult of black people who dress like biker-gang wizards and hold public "we hate white people" rallies in front of Macy's.