• Turkey

    Journalist Tim Pool recently joined the VICE editorial staff to cover breaking news, and his first assignment was to fly down to Istanbul and produce a live stream of the...

  • Istanbul Police Tear-Gassed a Memorial March This Weekend

    Check out photos of the latest acts of state aggression in Turkey. For now, neither side shows any sign of backing down. The violence seen over the weekend has done little but strengthen the resolve of both those opposed to Turkey’s current social and...

  • Istanbul Rising

    On Friday, May 31, Turkish riot police fired tear gas and pepper spray into a peaceful protest held to save Gezi Park, one of the last green areas in central Istanbul.

  • Occupiers Faced Down Cops in Istanbul's Taksim Square

    After four days of nonviolent protests that brought the attention of celebrities and opposition politicians, and attacks by the police that included tear gas and water cannons, the burgeoning Occupy Gezi movement has won at least a temporary victory...