Saint Patrick's Day

  • Saint Patrick’s Day: Five of the Finest Fighting Irish

    Saint Patrick was a fearless man whose fighting skills were so sophisticated he managed to chase all the snakes out of Ireland (citation needed). In honor of his feast day, we look at some of the finest fighters to hail from the Emerald Isle.

  • This American Bro: A Portrait of the Worst Guy Ever

    He has existed for as long as there have been gluttonous men dedicating ceremonies to their own existence. The only things that change are the miscellaneous wristbands he wears, and the brand of energy drink on the promotional T-shirt they gave him.

  • There Is an Official Leprechaun Colony in Portland (of Course)

    In celebration of Saint Patrick's Day I got in touch with Mark Ross, the media and public-relations officer for Portland Parks & Recreation, to learn a bit more about how the city interacts with its officially recognized leprechaun population.