• Conflict in South Sudan

    VICE was invited to embed with South Sudanese government forces pushing north to retake Bor from the rebels, but the rebels were lying in wait for us along the road, waiting to strike back.

  • South Sudan Peace Talks Result in a Show of Force

    While representatives from South Sudan's government and rebel forces met to discuss peace, fighting continued as both sides attempted to gain territory to use as bargaining chips. VICE traveled to the front lines to see who, if anyone, is winning.

  • Dominic Nahr's Eerie Photos from Conflict Zones and Disaster Areas

    For this round of VICE Loves Magnum we spoke to Dominic Nahr, who is still running the gauntlet of selection before becoming a full Magnum member. We discussed Africa's endless potential for stories, the eeriness of post-tsunami Japan, and how a...

  • It Was an Unhappy Second Birthday for the Youngest Country On Earth

    South Sudan celebrated its second birthday earlier this month. But festivities for the anniversary of its independence were quiet, presumably because there was little to be festive about. The world's youngest country is currently embroiled in a number...