The Second Annual Fiction Issue

  • The Satanic Model Of Psychosexual Development

    My initial outline for this story was framed around the five phases of Freud's model of psychosexual development, hence the title. I wanted a story about a child-rearing program designed to create maladjusted sexual deviants. When I was finished I had

  • This Is Who Is In The Second Annual Fiction Issue Of vice Magazine

    JESSE ARMSTRONGHe has written for the critically savaged UK adaptation of the sitcom That 70s Show and the critically not-savaged, hilarious, award-winning British comedy Peep Show. He also co-wrote the savagely funny BBC...

  • Vice Comics


  • College Town

    This story was written in 1982. It is an early version of a story called "Family," that was written for my first collection, titled Bad Behavior, but got cut; it is also an early version of a story called "Orchid" that was published in my second...

  • Art Of The Query

    Marshall:Earl here. Got your letter of rejection, no hard feelings, friend. Thanks to your speedy response and uncommon alacrity, my idea is now free to be pitched to other

  • The Arm

    During the war, a colonel received a letter from his wife. She missed him very much, it said, and would he please come visit because she's worried she will die without having seen him. The colonel immediately applied for leave, and as it happened that...

  • Cary Grant On Lsd

    Cary Grant had the persona of a happy-go-lucky guy, but as a human being he must've had conflicts. He said as much when he started taking LSD. This was in the late 1950s, when his acting career had already peaked, his marriages hadn't worked out, and

  • Orgy

    There's a famous line from the movie The Wild Ones. Marlon Brando, playing the part of a motorcycle rebel, has rolled into town, and when a townsperson asks him, "What are you protesting against," he says, "Wha'd ya got?" Although Brando was...

  • Growing Chinese Greens

    "Growing Chinese Greens" grew out of an actual experience: I discovered a note with those words written on my calendar, but I couldn't remember what they meant or how they came to be there. I simply wanted to describe the way the uncanny can slip into...