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Calvin Harris Confirms Collab with Frank Ocean and Migos

The forthcoming track titled "Slide" was previewed on the producer's Snapchat.

by Lauren O'Neill
22 February 2017, 4:17am

This article originally appeared on Noisey. 

On the afternoon of February 21, Harris took to Twitter to confirm that he is releasing a single featuring Frank Ocean and Migos titled "Slide" along with the song's artwork. 

Last month, Calvin Harris posted a video featuring a song that may or may not have been a collaboration with Frank Ocean. Harris has since been teasing the track over Snapchat, and now a clip has emerged that seems to confirm not only that the two have joined forces, but that Offset of Migos (and, more importantly, of "Lick" fame) will be rounding off proceedings. How Calvin Harris makes friends with these people is, truly, beyond me, however I am willing to set aside this confusion if it means that new Frank is coming soon.

From what we can hear so far, the as yet untitled track sounds more like an upbeat Frank track, tempering Harris' usual balls-to-the-wall banger mood. With the addition of Offset I'd imagine it'll be a radio mainstay if it ever sees the light of day, so get used to it below:  

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