Suspenseful Photos of Precariously Balanced Objects

Florent Tanet gives a new meaning to "on edge."

14 September 2018, 5:00am

Images courtesy the artist

An anxiety-inducing new photo series called Equilibrium, from French artist Florent Tanet and collaborator Arthur King, captures moments that flicker between safety and danger, illustrated through delicately stacked objects that look like they could fall over at any second. Whether it's a set of vertically-stacked dominoes, matchsticks held together by torque and fingertips, or glasses stacked precariously atop one another, each photograph is embedded with a Freudian flavor for destruction.

"Equilibrium, a quest for stability using everyday life objects, is inspired by Tom Tit's classic book La Science Amusante," Tanet tells The Creators Project. La Science Amusante is a collection of parlor tricks, illusions, and experiments using everyday objects like cutlery and wine bottles. These experiments range from balancing a plate and four forks atop a bottle of champagne to making shadow puppets with your hands, and beyond. Peruse more of La Science Amusante here. "We tried to reinvent the illustrations of this popular science book at home," Tanet continues. "Each image represents a simple scientific phenomenon, like a magical experiment." Equilibrium was created for Feelings Magazine, and uses no photo manipulation; everything you see is real. Check out the full set below.

See more of Florent Tanet's work on his website.

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