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Dog Finds Way to His Vet Alone After Getting Lost for Hours

A video shows him pacing by the clinic's entrance to get someone's attention and knocking when the vet's assistant finally noticed him.
06 August 2020, 8:18am
For illustrative purposes only. Photo: Helena Lopes from Pexels

Most dogs hate going to the vet. For some reason, they know exactly when their owners plan to take them for a check-up and try to wriggle off the examination table every chance they get. But one dog actually voluntarily visited his doctor, walking there by himself when he got lost.

On July 7, Khiew Ngern, a 4-month-old mixed black bull terrier, wandered off while his owner, Sunee Bunwara, was busy working at a restaurant near Bangkok. She said her pet had been missing for six hours before arriving at the clinic at around 8PM.

Khiew Ngern went to the Phuttharaksa Animal Clinic and walked around the entrance to catch someone’s attention. When the doctor’s assistant noticed him, he wiggled his tail and entered the clinic.

The clinic caught the dog on video and posted it on Facebook where it had over 16,000 reactions, 1,500 shares, and 807,000 views as of press time.

According to the Bangkok Post, veterinarian Saengduen Chotepanus was busy treating other animals at the time. Her assistant noticed the dog outside and decided to open the door and let him in. She thought the dog looked familiar and after checking their files, Saengduen confirmed that he’s one of her patients. The vet said that Khiew Ngern looked happy to see her. She then called his owner, Sunee to let her know that they had the pup.

In a photo posted on Facebook, Sunee looks just as happy as her pet during the reunion.

Sunee told Bangkok Post that they’ve been visiting the vet clinic regularly since Khiew Ngern was born.

She usually allows her dogs to walk freely while she works but noticed that Khiew Ngern was missing at around 2PM. She looked for the dog but eventually had to stop, so she said she was happy after hearing from the clinic.