An Indian Cop Ran Away and Married a Gangster She Met in Jail

The unlikely pair met during his court hearings and continued to keep in touch, eventually tying the knot in a secret location and settling for a life in hiding.

by Shamani Joshi
13 August 2019, 11:33am

Photo via Pexels

This article originally appeared on VICE India.

We know bad boys can be quite the turn-on. But in a story that seems straight out of the sets of a gritty Bollywood crime drama, a female cop named Payal and a gangster she met at the court she was posted at while he was behind bars, have got their happily ever after.

Apparently, the criminal named Rahul Thasrana, stole her heart when he was arrested for the murder of a local trader in 2014. The two first met during his hearings at the Surajpur court in Greater Noida and kept in touch as Thasrana continued his on-again-off-again relationship with the world of crime, getting more than a dozen cases registered against him since.

Their courtship continued for many years and when Thasrana was finally released on bail, the two went from jailbirds to lovebirds real quick and seized the moment to run away and get married in a secret location.

The pair is still living in hiding in an effort to avoid any unwanted attention. Even officers at the Gautam Budh police station where Payal was last posted are unaware about where she is.

They claim to be investigating the situation and verifying her whereabouts, and insist that action will be taken once this is all confirmed. “After serving jail time for the Goyal case, he turned to the world of crime. In May 2016, Rahul Thasrana came to our notice for threatening villagers for voting in favour of his mother who was contesting for Village Pradhan elections,” the local Superintendent of Police (Rural) Ranvijay Singh told News18.

While Thasrana started out as an auto driver in Sikandrabad, he joined the notorious Noida-based Anil Dujana gang in 2008 to make it big in the bad world.

Earlier in March, he was also said to have suffered from mysterious bullet injuries. However, even as police officials scramble to find Payal, she has apparently been making regular trips to Thasrana’s parents’ village, although he has not been spotted with her any time recently.

It looks like this unexpected duo took ‘make love, not war’ a little too seriously.

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